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Beeper Communications Israel
Beeper Communications Israel is a leading provider of emergency communication and critical messaging services for the country’s major security, military and homeland defense organizations. With cost effective, end-to-end solutions based on its wireless communication infrastructure, Beeper combines satellite and ground RF transmission systems to provide comprehensive and reliable coverage. Established by Motorola and local partners in 1988, and today held by a private equity firm, Beeper offers today's leading emergency communications solutions.  

Mass Alert Notification - Public Alert Warning - Critical Messaging
A robust and customizable solution for Disaster & Crisis Management, the Beeper system collects real-time data from numerous sources, alerting mass populations via SMS, email, social networks, TV, radio, and so on. Essential in today’s world of increasing disasters and emergencies, whether natural catastrophe or terrorist activity, this platform is increasingly being installed by government authorities and across a range of industries. Acting as a subset of emergency communications systems vital for alerting the public prior to, during, or following an emergency, local or national, it drastically improves emergency authorities’ response time, a key element in public safety. Based on Beeper’s wireless messaging networks and a suite of mobile and desktop applications, this proprietary system by-passes congested public networks. It is tailored per customer need to deliver messages to a range of user devices, in a service that is critically secure, encrypted and reliable.

IE-4000 - For high speed, mission-critical communications 
IE-4000 is a 3G/4G multi-channel bonder that acts as an SD-WAN bonding router delivering mobile bandwidth-on-demand with high speed connectivity. Among today's leading anywhere-to-everywhere wireless connectivity facilitators, IE-4000 is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of communication needs in diverse fields from Disaster Emergency Response, Healthcare, and Automation/Production, to Education & Training, Security, Banking, Transportation, and Dynamic Digital Signage. IE-4000 managed network services improve agility, while reducing cost and complexity across all hybrid cloud, data center, and local and wide area networks. Software defined technologies, analytics and automation are used to integrate networks across carriers and countries for hybrid cloud environments. Successfully deployed for Civilian as well as Military applications, IE-4000 is a leading solution for bandwidth speed, when it time is critical.

Earthquake Early Warning
As part of Beeper’s Public Alert Warning Platform, Beeper’s SeismoGuard is the world’s fastest, most advanced Earthquake Warning Technology, providing earthquake detection, analysis and regional/national alert capabilities. Seamlessly integrating with existing Emergency Communication and Alert Systems, it is fully automated and operates 24/7, with zero downtime.

Beeper provides a further range of solutions for unique communications needs. Among them are M2M Metering Control - a wireless monitoring and control solution for automatic meter reading for water, electricity and other applications, web-based for anywhere-to-anywhere data transfer and user access; Energy Management SCADA System – that collects, stores, analyzes and monitors data from every electricity meter in industrial/commercial facilities for energy consumption optimization; Operational Call Centers – A leader in the field, Beeper handles over 1.5 million monthly calls for global clients, with ISO 9001-2000 certification and “Excellent Supplier” ranking by MOD and others.